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We did a carbonic maceration to give it some esters and give it a really nice finish. It’s very creamy and just immaculate! When Jason suggested it, I didn’t know much about it, but I did some research and fell in love with the process. It was a unique experience for me because it was like getting back to the roots of old-world winemaking.

Carbonic maceration is the process of sealing grapes in a tank so the weight of the whole berry clusters punch down on the must. This process starts the fermentation and gets carbon into the tank to extract esters, which can be perceived as banana or bubble gum in the wine profile.


A Letter from the Winemaker
FALL 2021

When we announced our move in late 2019 from our little tasting room in Morro Bay to our very own facility in the Tin City Annex, we were beyond excited. 2020 was shaping up to be a transformative year. We couldn’t wait to welcome you to our new tasting room as part of the MCV Wines family.

We all know what happened next. Just days after we officially opened our tasting room in March 2020, the world turned upside down. We all have had our own challenging experiences during this time in an off-kilter world, and we’re hopeful that things will continue to regain equilibrium.

As the MCV team gathered to box up this Fall 2021 shipment for you, we all shared stories and reflections about the past year.

One thing was unanimous. Indeed, 2020 was our

most transformative year so far -- not in the ways

we expected, but in ways we are very proud:

resilience, creativity, and positivity.

It started with you. When we closed our tasting

room doors after the state-wide shutdown in

March 2020, you rallied around us and

continued to support MCV in whatever ways

you could.

Next, our team rallied with creative solutions to

address the lack of in-person pickups and tastings.

Do you remember:

Honk for Wine drive-through pick up parties?

At-Home Tasting Kits?

Zoom Tasting Parties with Matt walking you through

each wine?

Halloween Boos Kits?

Online Halloween costume contest for the kids in our community and drive-up trick-or-treating?

Our epic 12 Days of Wine Tasting Advent Calendar?

Some of these you loved so much that we’ll continue to offer them!

Through these crazy times, you’ve been with us. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we hope we added some lightness to your life as we all transitioned through the past 18 months.


- Matthew C. Villard

Owner, Winemaker

Meet Our New Team

Scott and Jason

Jason White is our new Tasting Room Coordinator. He’s got a great background in wine and his passion comes through when he’s pouring for you.

In the cellar, Assistant Winemaker Scott Engle is doing a stellar job keeping our crush pad running like clockwork, and he’s exploring some new methods -- like carbonic maceration of Grenache Gris. Stay tuned!

Kiely joins us for her 2nd year as a cellar intern, and she’s been showing Leo the ropes of all-things-wine when he joined MCV Wines as our new cellar intern this year.

Kiely and Leo

"This review is about the innovative ways MCV has adapted to COVID-19 restrictions. MCV has built several cabanas, which offer comfort and privacy.

The cabanas also help maintain social distancing and enhance safety. MCV personalized ours by putting a cute sign on our cabana to let us know where we were sitting. What I thought was especially innovative was their use of small bottles, served on ice, to serve the tasting. Each of the bottles held two tastings of each wine of the tasting menu. Again, a safety measure we haven't seen anywhere else."

- Dave from Grover Beach


"I am not someone who would consider themselves a wine snob but I know what I like and what I don't like and I have not had an MCV Wine that hasn't simply blown my taste buds away. The 1105 is one of the best Red Blends I've ever had and the White Blend is simply divine. I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Rose because it's a perfect summertime treat. I highly recommend MCV Wines for anyone who enjoys great flavor!"

- Dave Dobis

The Punch Down
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For private tasting with our winemaker please email for an appointment.

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