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Behind the Wines

Meet Matthew Villard, the Mastermind behind MCV Wines

Behind the Wines

Meet Matthew Villard, the passionate owner and winemaker behind MCV. With a consulting winemaker role since 2016, Matt has been deeply involved in the industry. Hailing from Visalia, CA, his love for wine blossomed around the family dinner table, fostered by his European-minded parents' perspective on alcohol. After graduating, Matt pursued his education at the University of California, Davis. While initially a biology major, he took a break from his studies before returning to complete his degree.

During his time at Davis in 2007, Matt had the invaluable opportunity to work as a student intern in Dr. M. Andrew Walker's lab, focusing on viticulture projects. After graduating, he embarked on an internship at Quintessa winery. This laid the foundation for his subsequent internships at reputable wineries such as Justin Winery and Vineyard, The Gainey Vineyards, Chalone Vineyard, and BV.

Through these experiences, Matt honed his winemaking skills and developed a deep understanding of the craft. Today, he brings this knowledge and expertise to MCV, infusing each bottle with his unwavering passion and commitment to quality. From vine to glass, Matt's dedication shines through in every sip of MCV wine.

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