Our Story

A New Beginning

In 2011, MCV started with three core wine varietals, with Petite Sirah at the center, but over time expanded to six. Our first sale year, 2013, we moved into a wine collaborative in Paso Robles, in the area that has become “Tin City”. The collaborative disbanded in 2015 and we moved our tasting room to Morro Bay, continuing to make Petite Sirah and Petite Sirah focused blends. While we loved Morro Bay and the events we were able to produce only there, we knew we needed a winemaking facility of our own with an attached tasting room. In October 2019 we had the opportunity to work towards that dream. We closed our Morro Bay location on December 31, 2019 and waited on the completion of our new winery in Paso Robles. March 2020 came and we moved our case good storage into our new facility, along with our wine barrels, and the winemaking equipment we picked up along the way. Saturday, March 14, 2020 we hosted our grand opening at our new location only to close three days later for the Coronavirus shelter in place order.



As we navigated our way through the pandemic guidelines, we have had to remain flexible. We opened a Drive Through Wine Tasting and made take home wine tasting kits. These kits became so popular we launched our At Home Wine Tasting Kits that we now ship to your door. When we were told we could only host walk-in guests outdoors we made private tasting cabanas to accommodate patio seating. We hope we will be able to open our tasting room to you as we have in the past, maybe even barrel taste in our barrel room, but for now tasting remains outdoors only.

This past summer we survived homeschooling, potty training, and the pandemic closures. Re-opening the winery and tasting room we tried to go back to business as usual, but we had to rebuild our team. Our cousin was getting ready to start her second year of college, but from home and was looking for a job, so we brought her on-board as our harvest intern. I needed someone who was familiar with cellar production and was lucky enough to find our Cellar Lead, Cesar.

In our search for a Tasting Room attendant, we found the bright and energetic Elizabeth! As for my wife, Teresa, she became the number 2 production intern!

Harvest 2020 kicked off full speed and did not slow down for one minute! Thanks to all our employees we have managed to make it through. We finally have our own place where we can make our wines in our way and to our standards. Having my wife and cousin on board to help out for harvest really made this a family run operation. Now I’m just waiting for the kids to be able to join in the harvest fun!

- Matthew C. Villard

Owner, Winemaker

Meet Our New Team


"This is my first time working alongside my husband in the winery. It was my first production internship ever! I almost took one about 10 years ago but went into the hospitality side of the wine industry instead, so this was all new to me. I am glad I had a science background because I was able to help with brix and temp on Kiely’s days off. I have done my share of punch downs and pump overs. I have been an asset to the team with my many motivational punch down songs! It has been fun seeing Matt lead the team and thrive in his element while taking on new winemaking clients. I can see why he loves to make wine, but I am hopeful to stay on the hospitality side!"

- Teresa Villard

2020 Harvest Intern


"My name is Kiely, I am a Harvest Intern at MCV. Right now I am balancing my college workload via virtual learning with the opportunity of learning about wine production. Harvest has been crazy and I’ve spent most of my time surrounded by stacks upon stacks of grapes. I’ve enjoyed this Harvest experience and am excited to continue tackling brix and temperature early every morning. I am not 21 yet, but I will be when this vintage is released!"

- Kiely Payne

Harvest Intern

"Hi my name is Cesar, I had a hard time writing about myself. I have worked in the industry for 7 years and love it! Mainly I have worked for bigger wineries, but the harvest 2020 experience has been a blessing because I have been gaining new winemaking experiences. Being in a smaller winery you have to be able to do everything! I have been learning new skills and helping the interns develop their skills. I hope to eventually become a winemaker sometime down the road."

- Cesar Zavala

Cellar Lead


"Hola, my name is Elizabeth, I just moved to CA and I recently started here at MCV. I have had the honor of stomping MOG to the point of exhaustion, vigilantly sorting grapes alongside my bosses and holding down our COVID tastings in house and virtually. My heart is completely into this operation. Harvest has been crazy for every- one involved and I wouldn’t want to be in the midst of it with any other folks."

- Elizabeth McCellan

Tasting Associate


"This review is about the innovative ways MCV has adapted to COVID-19 restrictions. MCV has built several cabanas, which offer comfort and privacy.

The cabanas also help maintain social distancing and enhance safety. MCV personalized ours by putting a cute sign on our cabana to let us know where we were sitting. What I thought was especially innovative was their use of small bottles, served on ice, to serve the tasting. Each of the bottles held two tastings of each wine of the tasting menu. Again, a safety measure we haven't seen anywhere else."

- Dave from Grover Beach


"I am not someone who would consider themselves a wine snob but I know what I like and what I don't like and I have not had an MCV Wine that hasn't simply blown my taste buds away. The 1105 is one of the best Red Blends I've ever had and the White Blend is simply divine. I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Rose because it's a perfect summertime treat. I highly recommend MCV Wines for anyone who enjoys great flavor!"

- Dave Dobis