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Barrel Seminar and Dinner

July 30, 2022 5pm

Winemakers use different barrels throughout their wine program, but did you ever wonder why? The barrel – both the age and where it was made – can have a big influence on the finished wine.

Find out more (and taste along the way) during our interactive Barrel Tasting Seminar, where you’ll learn about the MCV barrel program and the differences in the barrels we use. MCV winemaker Matthew Villard hosts this educational event, setting up a barrel comparison tasting for you to discover on your own how the barrels affect the wine profiles.

Once the barrel tasting concludes, Matthew will invite everyone into the tasting room for a palate cleanser and answer any questions you have.

At 6:30, everyone will be invited back to the barrel room for a beautiful culinary experience, pairing several of our premium wines with a variety of courses by the culinary team at Knife+Fork.

Option A: Attend both the interactive Barrel Tasting Seminar and multi-course Winemaker Dinner.

Barrel Seminar: 4:45

Winemaker Dinner: 6:30

$250/person; $200/member

Option B: Enjoy the Winemaker Dinner only without attending the educational seminar.

Winemaker Dinner: 6:30

$150/person; $120/ member

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