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Experience Harvest with MCV Wines!

Ever wish you had taken the time to do a Harvest Winery internship? Now you can experience the joy of winemaking without having to give up three months of your life because MCV is offering you a chance to Experience Harvest!

(Lunch option coming soon)

Arrive and meet your MCV Harvest host who will go over what winery work is being done for the day, then you will spend time in the production room seeing what we do best. This is a great time so ask questions about the grapes, equipment, and our style of winemaking. Once we have covered the production work, we will enjoy the fruits of our labor by wine tasting! Plan on staying with us for at least 2 hours.

*The areas of our production facility are temperature controlled, wet, and stick, so please dress accordingly. No sandals, no tour. Please wear closed toe, slip resistant shoes.*

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